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Associate at Rochester General Hospital | Licensed Acupuncturist
Supporter Of Big Brothers Big Sisters | Associations: Monroe County Medical Society, AMA, Rochester Academy of Medicine

Dr. Granum - Family Practitioner

Edith Granum, MD - Family Medicine provider with over 15 years experience in the Rochester area. Our office is currently accepting new patients, families, and children.

Rachel Forberg, FNP - She joins our practice after many years practicing family medicine locally, and is a highly skilled nurse practitioner. Patients will be scheduled with Rachel for follow up office appointments, physicals, and for acute office visits. Please welcome Rachel to our office.
Mary Wadsworth FNP - Family Practitioner



Mary Wadsworth FNP – This highly skilled nurse practitioner works closely with Dr. Grannum. She see patients in follow up and for acute visits so that there is an ease of access to office

Mona Snipes, LPN - Family Practitioner

Mona Snipes, LPN – Mona has been working as Dr. Grannum’s nurse for more than 15 years.  She is compassionate, professional, skilled and responsive. 

Ina Newcomb - Family Practitioner

Ina Newcomb – Ina does patient billing, and will address any ledger concerns that cannot be handled by Julie.

Julie Brothers– Julie is the receptionist for the office and has been working as a valuable part of our office team for over 5 years.  She schedules office appointments, check insurance qualifications, patient demographics, accepts payments,  take messages for Dr. Granum and Mary.
Doug Newcomb – Practice Manager